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APT Stream-In Stream-Out Silver brochure
APT IP Silver radio magazine Pick Hit Award 2011
The APT IP Encoder Silver and IP Decoder Silver (formerly known as Stream-In/Stream-Out Silver) combine to enable affordable yet professional delivery of audio content over IP networks.
Low on cost but rich in features, these units are perfect not only for standard broadcast applications such as STLs and confidence monitoring, but also for commercial IP audio distribution in retail, hospitality, hospitals, campuses and many other applications.

Key Features:

Stream In Stream Out Silver pickhitAPT Stream IN Stream Out Silver Award Coll Stuff 2012
  • Low cost separate encoder and decoder
  • SureStream on single port
  • Complete range of algorithms as standard
  • Compact 1/2U design – fit two units in 1U rackspace
  • Compatible with APT & NACIP-compliant codecs
  • Dynamic DNS Client
  • UPnP Support
  • Intuitive Web interface
  • Quiet, no-fan operationAPT SureStream logo