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WorldCast Systems APT ip audio codec multiplexer WorldNet OsloBased around a 19-inch 3U high standard rackmount chassis, the larger Oslo is modular in design and built to customer requirements. Users can choose from a variety of “hot swappable” modules to fit their particular audio, voice, data and transport needs.

The traditional configuration of the 3U Oslo as shown below will accommodate a master controller module, up to 2 transport modules and up to 6 contribution modules. There are over 15 different varities of contribution modules available offering simplex / duplex, analog / digital  or phase-matched audio as well as modules for auxiliary data and voice transport.

As the unit is designed around a mid-plane architecture, each module is supplied as a pair with a front panel indicator plug-in card and a corresponding interface module.

The  3U Oslo will also accomodate up to 6 AoIP Modules which combine audio, IP transport, management and auxiliary data onto a single plug-in module.

APT Ip Audio Codecs SureStream Radio Magazine pick hit award 2011

Key features

  • Available audio bandwidths from 10Hz right through to 22.5Hz for FM and HD Radio/DAB applications.
  • Analog and AES/EBU I/O (AES3) Audio
  • Low-delay, cascade-resilient Enhanced apt-X coding as standard
  • Optional coding & companding options including MPEG Layer 2, J.57 and J.41
  • DSP-based architecture for 24/7/365 operation
  • Redundant power supplies with power condition detector and back-up switch
  • Automatic switching to secondary transport link and/or spare audio card with automatic restore on user-defined conditions, rules and presets
  • Independent Master Controller Card safeguards configuration
  • Over 15 different plug-in audio modules including analog, digital, duplex, encoder, decoder, and 5.1 phase-locked options
  • Up to 4 channels per audio module and up to 6 audio modules per frame
  • From 2 duplex channels to 24 simplex channels in a single frame
  • Wide selection of transport modules including T1, E1 and Ethernet/IP
  • Intelligent Control with ScriptEasy*
  • Network Management System enables extensive monitoring ability and intuitive control over network, equipment and variables.

 *Cost Option